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In Miley Cyrus’ song, “The Climb,” she sings that it’s not about how long it takes, or what’s on the other side, it’s about the journey – The Climb.
It’s also been said that a person will get to the top of the mountain, or be dead on the side. But he or she will not go back to the bottom.
It’s also been said that reaching your goal is great, but the journey to get there is what makes it worthwhile.
All these phrases are about growing as a person. If you grow as a person, your dreams and goals will be more easily attained. If you don’t grow as a person, those dreams and goals will be more difficult.
For example, take big lottery winners. If they don’t grow as people, now that they’ve been blessed with good fortune, they’ll eventually be broke again.
Why? They will continue to be themselves, with a lot of extra cash. Think of the 18-year-old left alone with a big inheritance. Would you want your 18-year-old to manage his own money?
Would he or she have the wisdom to make sure that money lasted for his or her life?
Good fortune does not necessarily bring with it personal growth. That has to be honed by the person through learning, good counsel and wisdom. It doesn’t come naturally, in most cases.
Personal growth may require a person to change the people with whom he or she hangs with. Another adage: If you can’t change the people around you, change the people around you. That isn’t to say one abandons his old friends for new ones. But it says that one may not necessarily heed the advice of his or her older friends when it comes to behavior, or the future.
Your old friends may criticize you because you insist on growing as a person. But as one grows, he or she learns to discern good advice, take it and tune out the bad advice.
Your old friends may make you feel bad when you make good choices. Their intention may be to bring you “back to earth,” from whence you came. They not only refuse to choose wisely with you, they tell you why YOU should not choose wisely.
As you grow as a person, you learn that you cannot go back to the bottom of the mountain, where you started.
If you are contemplating a journey to a better place, and are looking for a vehicle to take you, there are a number of programs that will allow you to spend a few, part-time hours a week working on attaining your goals – to help you climb as you continue the life you are living.
To learn about one of the best such vehicles, message me.
Meanwhile, even if you are living a content, yet unfulfilling life, you can grow as a person. Learn about things you may have never thought to learn about. Go to things you may have never thought to go to.
“The Climb” says it may not matter what’s on the other side. Avid mountain climbers climb mountains because they are there.
Perhaps it’s more motivating to have something on the other side that you want. Sometimes one has to create a goal to climb for. Others may have something to climb for that they have been told cannot be attained.
No matter your situation, get motivated. That may entail looking at things you may have never thought to look at. The climb is all you. No one will carry you to the top. And, yes, when you get there, you’ll look back on the journey with fondness, and be happy you found what you’ve found along the way.


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“We’re on the cusp of a demographic, generational handoff that will test whether we are a tribal nation, or truly believe in – not what Thomas Jefferson did —but what he wrote in the Declaration of Independence.”
So wrote Jim Galloway, political columnist for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who is retiring after a 41-year career at the paper. This passage is from his last column, published Jan, 17, 2021.
“There’s no escaping this. The only question is how we embrace it,” he continues.
Galloway, who started as a religion reporter, also conveys these lessons: “Don’t ask a Baptist why he isn’t Catholic, and don’t ask a Jew why she isn’t a Latter-day Saint.”
Conversions from one belief system to another are rare, he continues. Those that occur do so more often by experience, or an event, rather than an argument.
Then he adds, “as religiosity has declined in the U.S., … tribalism has increased.”
Though Galloway writes from the perspective of politics, particularly Georgia politics, his point can be universally applied.
First, rather than seeing a belief system changing in a person, it may evolve over time. Some people let the beliefs from which they were raised dictate how they think about everything. Such beliefs are based on faith, meaning they don’t have to be proved to be true. But, as people learn, and witness different worlds, beliefs can evolve.
Younger people, especially, can still believe in their ancestral teachings, yet adopt lifestyles that may not match what their ancestors would have wanted for them.
The same can be applied to work and money. Though one’s ancestors would advise him or her to seek security and “sure” things, people learn that sometimes taking risks can make dreams come true.
The demographic handoff to which Galloway refers is not just political. The new generation – younger and more diverse — that is taking the handoff may have more of an entrepreneurial, or risk-taking mentality that may have been honed as they witness “sure” things becoming more uncertain.
Others – and here’s where the tribalism to which Galloway refers comes in – fight to have old ways prevail and make “sure” things “surer,” even as events around them prevent that from happening.
So how do you fit on this spectrum? Have you seen your “sure” thing disappear, or, at least, become less certain?
Do you see the only way to achieve what you want in life is to look at what may be lurking outside of the “sure” things?
If you’ve acquired, or cultivated, such openness, know that there are many programs out there that allow you to potentially mitigate uncertainty, and eventually give you what you may want from life.
You don’t need specific education, experience or background – just a willingness to look for something to make things “surer” in your life.
To check out one of the best such programs, message me.
Meanwhile, the shift, or handoff, to which Galloway refers cannot be stopped, no matter what you do.
You can certainly keep, and follow, ancestral beliefs if you choose. But know that the world is changing around you. The successful believer will meld that change with his or her ancestral beliefs. That combination can assure, if not prosperity, much less uncertainty.


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When you walk a dog, and it sees something it wants to chase, say, a squirrel, it will focus on the squirrel.

If you want the dog to keep walking, you have to somehow distract it from said squirrel.

Unlike dogs, most humans are more easily distracted, and linger in – even enjoy – the distraction.

We would actually see said squirrel as a distraction, and, had we been focusing on something else, would glance at the squirrel for a moment of distraction, perhaps just for a break.

The point here is that animals can focus more easily if they want something badly enough.

People, by contrast, may want something badly, but often find focusing on what to do to get it difficult. Distractions gleefully multiply.

Perhaps we can learn a lesson from dogs, or other animals.

It all starts with wanting something badly enough.

Many of us go through life as a grind — work, home and back to work again. Psychologists sometimes call folks like that carousel riders — going round and round, but going nowhere.
Some of us opt for contentment rather than prosperity.

Contentment can be achieved with relatively minimal effort. Those seeking contentment can be easily distracted from more difficult tasks that may get them a much better life.

If you ask such a person how he or she is doing, they may say “OK,” or “I’m getting by.” They take the life they were “given,” and make the best from it.

However, the person who aims for prosperity, or some other lofty goal, figures out what he or she has to do to get it, and focuses on those things. He or she may vary his or her course based on circumstances, but he or she will never stray from the goal.

He or she will focus, like the dog on a squirrel, on that goal.

He or she may be dealt some bad hands in life, but that person never stops focusing on the goal.

If you are that type of person, and may be looking for something that will help you achieve what you want, know that there are many such vehicles out there.

To check out one of the best such programs, message me.

Meanwhile, if you are drifting, or even if you are just content, know that you don’t have to stay there. YOU can get yourself out, if you choose.

You just have to keep your mind open, your heart full and your focus keen.


#NewYearsResolutions #ABetterYou #HelpingOthers
In the upcoming year, live a life with purpose.
“Put simply, your talk might not match your walk, You will applaud giveaways for the wealthy while casting services for the poor as socialism. You will proclaim your love for your neighbor while refusing to give up your right not to wear a mask, the one thing that can protect them from the coronavirus. And you will consistently seek your own while refusing to help those in need.”
That quote comes from Gracie Bonds Staples, from her Jan. 7, 2021, “This Life” column in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
To paraphrase her, helping others gives you purpose.
There are many ways to help others — some obvious, some not so much.
There are little things you can do that take no skin off your back.
Holding the door for someone, letting a struggling person move ahead of you in line etc.
Other ways include helping others in physical or financial distress, or volunteering your time toward a worthy cause. They involve effort or sacrifice.
What if you could find a way to help others that also helps you?
There are many programs out there that allow you to advance yourself only by helping others.
To learn about one of the best such programs, message me.
So, the message is to plan a new year in which you will do for others more than you will do for you.
If you do that, the blessings you’ll receive will be tangible.
Good people give and get. Lesser folks only take.
“Research shows a strong sense of purpose is associated with slower development of age-related disabilities, reduced incidence of cardiovascular disease, improved cognitive health and longer lives,” Staples writes. “Finding purpose can promote energy, satisfaction and preventive health behaviors,” she writes.
Purpose gives you prosperity in many different ways. It will change the way you look at things, open your mind and introduce you to things that could change your life.
Learn and strive to find purpose this year.


#2021 #NewYear #NewYearGonnaBeGood
“Got a feeling ’21 is gonna be a good year.”
This lyric by The Who, from the rock opera “Tommy,” is appropriate for right now.
“With any luck, 2021 might not suck.” That paraphrased a promo for CNN’s New Year Eve show, with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.
So how do you see 2021?
Do you see bigger and better things for you? Or, do you just believe that anything would be better than 2020?
If the former feels better to you, you are probably an ambitious, hard-working person who KNOWS he or she can make things much better.
If the latter suits you better, you are passively waiting for something to happen – or, as it were, waiting for the other shoe to drop.
To be sure, the beginning of 2021 with be challenging. We still will have to wear masks in public. We’ll still have to avoid crowds and gatherings. We will have to keep our distance from others. And, we will have to keep washing our hands frequently.
But while we cope with those challenges, we can still prepare for the bigger and better life we intend to create.
If you are that ambitious, hard-working person who is looking for ways to create that better life, there are several programs out there that can allow anyone, regardless of education, background or experience, to do it.
A person just has to be open enough to look at them. Once you find one you like, devote a few part-time hours a week to it and see how your life will change.
To check out one of the best such programs, message me.
In short, work on YOU this year.
Decide to embark on something that no pandemic, or other circumstance, can take away from you.
First and foremost, when it’s your turn, get a vaccine.
You’ll run into life challenges for sure, pandemic or not. But your strength is determined not by what befalls you, but how you rise above it.
If you already have that strength in you, use it to the fullest. If you don’t , find a way to get it, grow it and maximize it.
The year 2021 is here, and it’s gonna be good.
Just say yes to determination, and no to deterioration. Don’t wait for someone to give you something. Look for someone who will show you something. They are out there to be found, but only by open eyes and an open mind.
Let not the travails of 2020 overwhelm your 2021. Be patient to begin the year, and take on a sense of urgency for the remainder.
Let 2021 bring you all the good things you deserve.


#HappyNewYear #NewYear #2021 #NewNormal #BetterNormal
Happy 2021!
The past year was, more or less, a gap year.
Many of us made sacrifices for the common good health.
Others tried to carry on as normal, hoping the pandemic would just go away.
It didn’t, but we now have hope. Vaccines have been approved. But, we still should continue our sacrifice for a bit longer.
We may never see “normal,” as we knew it before 2020.
But, we can see that soon, the pandemic burden may be lifted.
So what will your new year look like?
Will you still be struggling to recover, after some devastation in 2020?
Or, do you see that the new year brings new hope – a new dawn, a new and better “normal.”
If you are still looking to find YOUR new normal, perhaps you should consider doing something you may never have thought to do before.
You CAN find your way out of the 2020 abyss, and onto a new and potentially very prosperous life, if you are willing to look for it.
How? There are many programs out there that can allow you, regardless of your experience, education or background, to earn a potentially lucrative income without the risks of a job that a pandemic could take away.
You just need to be coachable and willing to check out those programs.
To learn about one of the best such vehicles, message me.
The past year was difficult, but most of us are resilient. The next year could be your best yet, if you make it so.
Circumstances can put up roadblocks to success. But resilient people go over, under or around those roadblocks.
If you see yourself as resilient, get your shot when it’s your turn, and take your shot at success.
You may be surprised at what might be out there for you.
Many people will simply let circumstances rule their lives, and hope someone, or something, bails them out. Others will do what they need to do to become successful.
It’s a simple decision to go for it, but it may not be as easy to actually get there. Still, those who persevere will get there.
So, at the beginning of this brighter new year, maintain your caution. Avoid crowds, keep your distance from people, wear masks when among people and wash your hands frequently.
You can still achieve a lot while being careful, as you wait for restrictions to ease.
As you work toward success, do what you can to bring others with you, while protecting others’ health at the same time.
It’s a new year. Will it produce a new you?


#BusinessTravel #travel #coronavirus #COVID19 #FlattenTheCurve #pandemic
Many people who had traveled frequently for their jobs have not been able to during the pandemic.
That scenario is a nightmare for hotels, airlines and others in the hospitality industry that banked on big-time business travel.
To add insult to injury, there may be less personal travel during the holiday season.
For business travelers themselves, it’s a mixed blessing. The good news is they are home more often. The bad news: they can’t accumulate hotel, airline and other points for free travel and accommodations for leisure.
The Associated Press discussed this in an article that was also published Nov. 12, 2020, in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Traveling for business was considered a necessity, albeit an expensive one, for companies who wanted representatives to have face-to-face meetings with clients. In-person meetings are always better than virtual meetings, but to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the virtual meeting became a way of life.
So as companies evaluate the safety, cost and necessity of business travel, there will likely be a “new normal,” experts say.
Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian expects the new normal for business travel to be down 10 percent to 20 percent, the article says.
“I do think corporate travel is going to come back faster than people suspect. I just don’t know if it will come back to full volume,” the article quotes Bastian.
Dubai-based MBC Group, which operates 19 television stations, believes it’s unlikely that employees will travel as often, because they’ve shown they don’t need to, the article says.
So what does this mean for you? If you don’t travel for your job, but work in the hospitality or transportation industry, it could mean job cutbacks.
If you had a job for which you traveled a good bit, and your company sees that travel is no longer as essential as it thought it was, you need to be concerned for your job. With the advent of companies like Salesforce, and others, the need for sales representatives who meet clients on the road becomes dicey.
The good news here, especially if you are directly affected by this, is there are many other ways to generate an income, regardless of your education, background or experience. Be you a hotel housekeeper, maitre d’ or a highly paid company representative or pilot, you can learn about these programs and get a head start preparing for the new normal, which could put your current job in peril.
To learn about one of the best of these programs, message me.
Transportation and hospitality are getting hammered by the pandemic. They will have to adjust to encourage, perhaps, more leisure travel. Perhaps they can create scenarios in which people who are doing their jobs remotely can do them from , say, a nice beach or mountain locale, rather than from a cramped city apartment or suburban house.
It will require some innovation and imagination, but it can be done.
Meanwhile, the working person may have to adjust as well. Those folks may have to use their imaginations to examine different ways to earn an income.
Remember, too, that any kind of government aid will be temporary. It will be up to each person to come up with a more permanent solution to his or her own situation. That person will need to find something that he or she can do during and after the pandemic, that will keep going when the next pandemic comes.


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Demand for luxury homes rose 42 percent I the third quarter of 2020.
That’s according to a Bloomberg News article, also published Oct. 14, 2020, in The Atlanta Journal Constitution.
“While banks tighten credit for first-time buyers, the pandemic is hammering Americans who don’t have the privilege of working remotely,” the article says.
But for those with more portable jobs, or the wealthier among us, it’s very different.
“The wealthy are benefiting from a surging stock market and mortgage rates near record lows,” the article says.
And, those with jobs that allow them to work from home are looking for more space to do that.
“The luxury housing market normally takes a hit during recessions as wealthy Americans tighten their purse strings, but this isn’t a normal recession,” the article quotes Daryl Fairweather, chief economist at Redfin, a real estate Web site.
As we ponder this, it begs the question: where do you fit in?
Are you one of those who has a job he or she must go to outside the home? Are you wanting to buy a house, but are running into balky banks who fear that your job will not be stable for the long term?
Or, are you a person who can work remotely, but, perhaps, that job, combined with having to educate kids from home etc., is eating you alive?
Or, are you afraid of getting sick just by conducting what you see as a normal life?
If any of these descriptions fits you, and you are motivated to change your life, know that there are many vehicles out there that can allow you to do that. And, you can take advantage of these programs from the comfort of your home – luxurious or not. The only requirement you need is the willingness to check them out.
To learn about one of the best such programs, message me.
Many of us dream of perhaps having a different home, with more space. Some of us may not necessarily want more space, but may want to live someplace different.
No matter your situation, you have the ability to make changes should you want to. You can’t do much about the pandemic, but you can adapt to the conditions it presents, and potentially prosper while adapting.
Or, you can curse the pandemic and wallow in your circumstances.
Which type of person are you?
Do you swallow, wallow and curse your circumstances? Or, are you the type to take matters into your own hands, and use adverse circumstances to make your life better?
Certainly, dealing with a pandemic is not easy. Sacrifices must be made to preserve one’s life and livelihood. But it may also be a time to evaluate what was your “normal,” and determine whether it was worth re-creating.
Sometimes, one has to think outside the box to package his or her life differently. A pandemic may be the perfect time to evaluate your packaging, and, perhaps, improve it accordingly.


#grit #grift #success #dreams
There are some who succeed because of grit.
Others use grift to fein success.
One is an honest pursuit.
The other, not so much.
When one has grit, he or she goes for success honestly, often taking others with him or her.
When one uses grift, whatever success he or she attains is at the expense of others.
If you have, or cultivate, grit, you can do most anything your God-given talents will allow you to. Even without much talent, there are ways to achieve success simply through grit.
Some of those success methods depend upon you helping others.
Others involve using your talents to help, or entertain, others.
Grit involves giving and getting.
Grift involves only taking.
Some see no harm in a little grift. Others would never think of being a grifter.
Grift, coincidentally, rhymes with drift. Grifters drift from thing to thing looking for grift.
Both grit and grift involve determination. Grit involves determination worthy of human endeavor. Grift involves a more sinister determination.
So, are you going through life with grit, or are you grifting?
If the former applies, and you are eager for a way to apply your grit, there are many vehicles out there that, regardless of education, experience or background, can allow you to achieve the success your determination desires.
To learn about one of the best such vehicles, message me.
If you are a grifter, there is no place for you among these programs.
If you haven’t already, learn to cultivate grit. Regardless of your circumstances, desires and goals, grit will allow you to achieve what you want. Grit helps you grow as a person.
Of course, you can try to attain those results through grift, but you’ll be much less of a person for doing so.
So use your grit to cut through the grind. Find what might work as a method of achieving your dreams.
Don’t have dreams? Find some. Then, cultivate the grit to go after them.


#coronsirus #COVID19 #FlattenTheCurve #jobs #QuittingYourJob

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of people to lose their jobs.
However, those still working, though fortunate, are stretched thin.
A poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, in collaboration with the software company SAP, found that a quarter of U.S. workers have considered quitting their jobs because of pandemic-related worries.
Alexandra Olson, for the Associated Press, discussed this trend in an article also published Oct. 25, 2020, in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
“About 7 in 10 aorkers cited juggling their jobs and other responsibilities as a source of stress,” the article reads. “Fears of contracting the virus was a top concern for those working outside the home.” Olson writes.
And, the article says, the employers are responding. The poll finds 57 percent of workers saying their employer is doing ”about the right amount” in responding to the pandemic. Some 24 percent say their employers are “going above and beyond” what they should do to keep workers as safe as possible, the article quotes the poll.
So, what is your situation? Are you working from home, juggling home schooling for kids and other stresses?
Are you going into your workplace, perhaps leaving kids at home to school themselves?
Are your kids going into their school buildings for regular classes?
Or, is it some combination of those?
Also, do you fear catching the virus? If so, are you taking the precautions the experts advise, such as wearing masks when you have to be close to people, and otherwise keeping away from people? Are you washing your hands regularly? Are you sanitizing surfaces as you use them?
If you have to go out to work, and are taking the necessary precautions, the experts believe we can contain the virus.
If you are an employer, the last thing you want is a viral outbreak in your place of business. The Incentive is there for you to do what you need to do to keep people safe.
If you own or work in a restaurant, bar, hotel or other hospitality industry, do you feel safe there?
Are you encouraging customers to get takeout food, or otherwise limiting the capacity of the business? Certainly, you’ll feel that financially, but it’s better to be temporarily safe until one or more of approved vaccines is widely distributed.
If you still fear the pandemic, and want to look for some other way to earn money, there are many programs out there that allow you to spend a few part-time hours a week and potentially earn an income that could dwarf your current income. Bonus No. 1: you don’t need any specific education or experience – just a willingness to check it out and be coached. Bonus No. 2: There are ways to do it from home, if it is unsafe to be out. To learn about one of the best such programs, message me.
If you are worried about this virus, which is unlike any other virus we’ve seen, the good news is on the horizon. Take the necessary precautions until such time as the majority of people are vaccinated. And, more importantly, when it’s available, get vaccinated yourself.
Pandemics are by nature temporary. How long they last depends on what each of us does. Proceed with caution, but proceed.