WarriorOn #SoldierOn #FightOn #CarryOn
Warrior on. Soldier on. Fight on. Carry on.
Circumstances will come at you. Illness may befall you.
The world will change in front of you.
All you knew could be gone tomorrow.
Yet, you are still here. You are here to be the best you can be.
Though circumstances may not be ideal, you can still be stronger than they are.
Or, you can let yourself be defined by those circumstances. Remember, circumstances cannot conquer you without your permission.
Certainly, things WILL happen to you. Some of those things you will not want. Yet, they bring out your inner strength that allows you to rise above them.
Are you feeling overwhelmed? Is your life not where you want it to be? Have you resigned to your circumstances, to the point of giving up?
If so, it’s not too late to summon your inner strength.
If not, then you must look for something that will help you get out of your situation. Certainly, there are many vehicles out there that can help a person not only change his or her life, but also the lives of others who wish to join him or her.
These programs can give you the resources to overcome any adverse circumstances. Or, to quote a friend, help you work out your problems in style.
To learn about one of the best of these programs, message me.
Meanwhile, though you may see the grimness of the world, you don’t have to accept it.
All you can do is your part to change it. But as you do your part, you may encourage others to do their part. Collectively, change can come – perhaps not with the speed some may want, but it can come.
Remember, too, that only you can change you. Other things can change your circumstances, but they do not have to change you.
The changes upon which you embark may be dictated by circumstances. You can give in to the circumstances, or you can work to overcome them.
Changes in you sometimes come when a friend introduces you to something that could change you, and your circumstances.
Strong people willfully examine, evaluate and decide on opportunities placed before them.
Weaker people pass on those opportunities, out of fear of change.
Strong people look for those opportunities. Weaker people hope they are never offered such opportunities.
So, keep your eye out for something that perhaps you never envisioned yourself doing.
Look to change you, so you can overcome anything that befalls you.
Seek the wisdom of those whom you trust. On the other hand, don’t let those around you talk you out of what’s best for you. Act on the best advice you can get. Sometimes, that means shelving some of the old adages, customs and fears you had been taught. Take on what seems right to you. Though risks are part of life, they are also part of your growth.
Warrior on. Soldier on. Fight on. Carry On.


#knowledge #wisdom #education #power
It’s great to have knowledge.
But knowledge without wisdom can be useless, even dangerous.
First, let’s talk about the differences in the two. Knowledge is a collection of facts, skills and other useful components.
Knowledge gives you the ability to do some things. It equips you with the wherewithal to be your best self. Yes, knowledge is power.
Wisdom, on the other hand, is the comportment to do good. It’s the ingredient that allows you to take what you’ve been given, and use it to the best of your ability – but in a way that enhances the world.
If knowledge is power, wisdom is the vehicle that implores you to use that power for the greater good.
The power of knowledge can be used for evil – say, by a criminal.
But the wise person would never use his knowledge for evil.
So, are you both knowledgeable and wise? Here’s a test: Is what you are doing now to earn a living what you really want to be doing? If so, you are both knowledgeable and wise.
If not, is it because you don’t have the knowledge, you believe, to do something better?
That can be a relatively easy fix. Certainly, getting educated would be a help. But education may not be for everyone, especially if it requires going into debt.
So how does one gain more knowledge without more formal education? Reading, researching on one’s own is one way.
But when it comes to bettering one’s life, that may requires a new way of thinking. It may require the wisdom to think outside of one’s comfort zone. It may require a person to look at something that he or she may have never thought he or she would do.
There are many programs out there can change a person’s life. Potentially, they can give a source of income you may have never thought about. They can potentially allow you to get the things in life you may never thought you would get.
To learn about one of the best such programs, message me.
To sum it up, knowledge can be acquired, without the formality and expense of some types of education. But it requires wisdom to know what you don’t know, and take steps to learn it.
Knowledge is out there for the taking. Wisdom has to be created.
Knowledge is power. Wisdom is the strength to harness the power of knowledge for the greater good..
To know may be to love. To be wise is to learn before you love.
The combination of knowledge and wisdom can give you everything you may need to get whatever you want, and also to help others do the same.
So, indeed, learn what you don’t know. And, be wise in learning what can help you change your life, and, perhaps, those of others.


#coronavirus #COVID19 #FlattenTheCurve #RemoteWork #RemoteLearning #InternetProviders
We’re doing more things remotely these days.
We’re working remotely. We’re going to school remotely etc.
Most would rather not, but the pandemic has made it a way of life.
What if your Internet provider craps out on you for an extended period?
There’s no Plan B for that, unless you have data plans in your devices.
What if you’re in the middle of a virtual meeting, and, suddenly, everything freezes?
It may not be the provider’s fault. Road construction and other things can affect Internet access.
There are certain cost advantages to bundling phone, TV and Internet service. But all of them, in most cases, are dependent on the Internet. When the Internet goes down, they all go down.
And, when you’re stuck at home with no landline phone – yes, most of us have cellphones – TV or working computers, time surely passes slowly. Still, there is a positive here. It might encourage people to read more.
We also have the issue of limited Internet access, in general, in certain areas of the country – very rural and low-income urban areas come to mind.
What if we could make Internet service as universal, low-cost and essentially required as basic telephone service was decades ago? What if basic Internet service with reasonable speed were a public utility? That means costs would be regulated, providers would be required to make service available to all and have to get any rate changes approved by a governing body.
Certainly, providers would oppose that. If the providers don’t want that eventuality – and the pandemic has prompted people to think of that eventuality – they have to step up and provide essentially universal service, spreading the costs around in a reasonable fashion.
The pandemic has also given all of us time to think, especially when the Internet goes down.
Is your “old” life worth wanting back? Sure, we’d all like to get back into circulation, even back to work. But is that work giving you what you want from life?
If not, there are many programs that allow anyone, regardless of education, experience or background, to pursue their dreams part-time and, in many cases, provide an income that can dwarf what he or she is earning in the job they may not like. As a bonus, these programs can insulate you from the whims of employers, pandemics, economic ups and downs etc. You can even do these programs remotely, when your Internet is up and working.
To check out one of the best such programs, message me.
A few years ago, in Internet’s infancy, we thought of it as a luxury. Some even thought of it as an unnecessary monthly expense.
Today, life, as we know it, is online. The pandemic has emphasized that. The Internet is changing the way we do almost everything – some for the better, some, not so much.
Yet, we can’t live without it. We just need the providers to make it more universal, more reliable, more resistant to road construction and other outside forces and less costly.
Will these providers step up? Or, will other forces step in and force the issue?
We’ll all have to log in to find out.


#BlendIn #StandOut #BeDifferent #CelebrateDifferences
Most kids want to blend in.
Many adults want to stand out.
Blending in, by definition, makes you “average.”
Standing out, by definition, makes you exceptional.
Children, when interacting with other children, prefer to be included, rather than excluded, from “the crowd.”
When someone, like a child, looks different, or acts differently, from many of the other children, he or she is ostracized, picked on or otherwise treated badly in many cases.
This can hurt a child’s self-esteem – never mind his or her relationships with the other children.
But what if, as the child grows, he or she discovers that being different is not only good, but desirable?
What if being different makes a person not necessarily BETTER than the others, but encourages him or her to celebrate the differences? Perhaps it will encourage others to emulate him or her.
Those who become successful in life, however they define success, usually start out as “different” from most around them.
They come to celebrate their difference. They see “average” as something to shun.
Then, because they learn to celebrate their difference from others, others then want to emulate them.
This begs the question for everyone: do you want to blend in, or stand out?
What if there were a way to go from “average” to exceptional?
First, you have to WANT to be better than average. You have to WANT to hold your head high, rather than keeping your head low, out of fear that it will get chopped off.
Once you decide you want it badly enough, you have to find a way to do it. Then, you need to pursue that way consistently, without stopping.
There are many vehicles out there that allow anyone, regardless of education, experience or background, to go from average to exceptional.
To learn about one of the best such vehicles, message me.
Meanwhile, think about what you want from life. Do you just want to be like everyone else – blending in? Or, do you want more than what you can get by just blending in?
If you want more, you may have to decide to be different. That requires not listening to the blenders, but rather mixing your priorities a little differently.
Standing out also requires that you change how you see yourself. You have to see ways you can grow and be better. You have to see how you can use what you have, and what you know, to greater advantage. And, you have to emulate others who have stood out and reached where you want to be.
In short, it’s tough to stand out when you hang with blenders.
So find what makes you different. Celebrate it. Use it to your advantage. Be open to being different. Be open to standing out.