No matter what the form — Web site content, letters, speeches, books, fliers, advertisements or proposals, Peter can help you tell your story or sell your product or service better.
We can create one message, or elements of a message, which can be converted or interchanged into multiple media. Web content can be turned into a flier, which can be used in a video script. In other words, the product — your message — can be used over and over again in different ways.
Have an idea for a book? Have a book already written? I can help you make the book better. We can take a book from conception to completion, or take a completed book and polish it to make it sing! Not a good writer? Your thoughts, and your story, as you can tell it, is all I need to help you! Already a good writer? Let me be your second set of eyes, to help find the little things that will make your book even better than you thought it could be.
           Looking to impress someone with your great ideas, but want to make sure it is worded as best it can be? Let me help you! It could make the difference whether your proposal gets results!
       For most work, I charge $50 per hour. Most Web site content can be created for $200 or less. Ongoing clients can get volume discounts for repeat business. For books, I take the risk with the client. The client signs a contract for a percentage of the royalties.

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