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It’s great to have knowledge.
But knowledge without wisdom can be useless, even dangerous.
First, let’s talk about the differences in the two. Knowledge is a collection of facts, skills and other useful components.
Knowledge gives you the ability to do some things. It equips you with the wherewithal to be your best self. Yes, knowledge is power.
Wisdom, on the other hand, is the comportment to do good. It’s the ingredient that allows you to take what you’ve been given, and use it to the best of your ability – but in a way that enhances the world.
If knowledge is power, wisdom is the vehicle that implores you to use that power for the greater good.
The power of knowledge can be used for evil – say, by a criminal.
But the wise person would never use his knowledge for evil.
So, are you both knowledgeable and wise? Here’s a test: Is what you are doing now to earn a living what you really want to be doing? If so, you are both knowledgeable and wise.
If not, is it because you don’t have the knowledge, you believe, to do something better?
That can be a relatively easy fix. Certainly, getting educated would be a help. But education may not be for everyone, especially if it requires going into debt.
So how does one gain more knowledge without more formal education? Reading, researching on one’s own is one way.
But when it comes to bettering one’s life, that may requires a new way of thinking. It may require the wisdom to think outside of one’s comfort zone. It may require a person to look at something that he or she may have never thought he or she would do.
There are many programs out there can change a person’s life. Potentially, they can give a source of income you may have never thought about. They can potentially allow you to get the things in life you may never thought you would get.
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To sum it up, knowledge can be acquired, without the formality and expense of some types of education. But it requires wisdom to know what you don’t know, and take steps to learn it.
Knowledge is out there for the taking. Wisdom has to be created.
Knowledge is power. Wisdom is the strength to harness the power of knowledge for the greater good..
To know may be to love. To be wise is to learn before you love.
The combination of knowledge and wisdom can give you everything you may need to get whatever you want, and also to help others do the same.
So, indeed, learn what you don’t know. And, be wise in learning what can help you change your life, and, perhaps, those of others.

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