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Are you a rebel?

A Dodge Ram truck ad asks the following questions: If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you do it too? Where are your manners? Were you raised by wolves? All this to see whether you are “rebel “ enough to buy a truck and drive it off road.

Let’s take the questions individually. Jumping off a cliff is not for everyone, but if it is your thing, you probably would either be equipped with the proper soaring apparatus, or you’d be jumping into deep water. It’s one way, certainly not the only way, to display your inner rebel.

Secondly, one does not need to have bad manners to be a rebel. In fact, bad manners are usually just bad taste. The point of this question is to see whether you are willing to break with convention. One can do that in a very mannerly way.

Thirdly, one does not have to raised by wolves to be a rebel. Rebels can have perfectly good parents, who may not understand their passion. A word of caution here: if your parents do not understand your passion, and you are too young, or are unable, to live on your own, you may have to wait until you are on your own to exercise your passion, assuming that passion is not destructive to you or others.

So when is it appropriate to be a rebel? You may discover that your ambition is taking you in a certain direction, even though others warn you against it. You may have a great idea that you need to pursue to an uncertain conclusion. If you don’t pursue it, you’ll regret it. If you do, and it was not what you’d thought, you would have at least made the effort.

Or, you might just realize that what you are currently doing, or what others want you to do, is just not for you, or is not going to take you where you want to go. So, perhaps, you follow the plan for a while, at the same time looking for something better. Perhaps you don’t follow the plan at all, and look for something better.

Your gut tells you what to do. Friends and family may tell you to follow your gut, but they may not mean it. They may just think you are nuts for being, well, unconventional.

Of course, the definition of “conventional” is fluid. Something may be “conventional” until it’s no longer conventional. Some things are seen as “conventional,” but shouldn’t be. Or, what’s conventional may not give you the results you want.

If your inner rebel is prodding you not to listen to “conventional wisdom,” follow your passion. Naturally, if your passion will not make you a living, you may have to follow it while doing something else. If you need help to get the funds to follow your passion, visit You’ll see and hear the stories of several people who saw their passion, followed it and prospered.

For some, finding their passion is elusive. They are either so in love with routine that they can’t possibly see anything else, or they haven’t latched on to something they really want to do. They should keep looking, because their passion is out there somewhere. Only they will know what it is when they find it.

Again, take great care to ensure your passion is not destructive to others or yourself. Passion usually involves risk, and one should be calculated in his risk. Being a rebel does not mean being reckless. Take whatever precautions you need to mitigate your risk. You may not eliminate the risk, so embrace risk carefully.

Rebels don’t always get what they want – at least immediately. But often, the joy is in the pursuit. The best revenge against naysayers and “conventional wisdom” is ultimate success.



Decades ago, starting a business was hard.
You needed money – either your own, or investors’.
You needed sophisticated and expensive marketing – a big cost.
All of the above was hard to come by. If you failed, chances are you were devastated. If you failed, you probably would have decided to take your skills and ideas to an employer and help make HIM rich.
Today, as Darren Hardy, publisher of Success magazine puts it, starting a business has never been easier.
In a 2013 audio from his series, Hardy points out that the Internet and social media and the related technology makes starting a business easy. It’s relatively cheap, because you don’t need a lot of that sophisticated and expensive marketing. If you have a good idea, and a computer, you can tell the world about your idea relatively easily.
Because starting a business is relatively easy, and relatively inexpensive, failure is not as costly. If one idea fails, try another one. Chances are, you won’t be financially devastated by your first failure.
If you are entrepreneurial, you can keep trying things until one works. Entrepreneurs know that eventually, if they keep trying, they will succeed.
Couple the ease of starting a business today, with the difficulties in the workplace. Job security is almost impossible to find. Companies are looking for, as New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has put it, “cheap genius.” If they don’t find it nearby, they’ll find it somewhere in the world.
Your good ideas, taken to an employer, may be able to be replicated, even improved upon, by someone who will work for less money than you make.
If you are young and starting your career path, take a look at what you are good at, what you are passionate about, and think about how you could parlay that into your own business. There’s nothing wrong with working for someone else for a time, even a long time, especially if that person is helping you succeed. But chances are, if you are good at something, and are passionate about it, you’ll have the drive to strike out on your own if you choose.
Sometimes, it’s a matter of taking your passion and figuring out how you can use it to help others. Then, figure out how much others will pay you for helping them. If you are passionate about art, and have a talent for it, you don’t necessarily have to sell your drawings or paintings. But you might sell yourself as someone who could help, say, architects, stagers etc. Ideas, plus passion, plus drive might be a good formula for success in whatever endeavor you choose.
What if you have drive, but no ideas and no passion yet. Where do you go to find the idea and passion to which you could apply your great drive? There are many good business ideas already out there waiting for the people with drive to pursue them. To check out one of the best, visit All you need to be successful is the sense to see how good an idea it is, and the drive to share it.
Even though Hardy says it’s relatively easy to start a business today, whatever you pursue will require hard work. But if you are passionate, the work won’t seem so hard. As the saying goes, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.
In these conditions, passion, plus idea, plus drive is the perfect formula. The passions and ideas can be found elsewhere. The drive has to be within you.