“I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.” Henry David Thoreau

Circumstances can try to beat you down.
Yet, you get back up.
It’s part of who we are. When something knocks us down, we get up. We dust ourselves off. And, we go on doing what we need to do.
The terrorists try to knock us down. Sometimes, they succeed. When they do, we get up, dust ourselves off, mourn the dead, take care of the injured and go on being the free people they hate.
When our jobs go away, we hurt for a while. But, ultimately, we find solace in our ability to move on. Often, when we move on, we move to bigger and better things.
When circumstances beat you down, there’s often very little you could have done to prevent them. But you have full control over how you respond to them.
Sometimes, it means leaving the coziness of one’s comfort zone. Yes, even the cushiest comfort zones wear out. When they do, we have to get up, dust ourselves off and go find a new comfort zone.
Finding a new comfort zone is, by definition, uncomfortable at first. Perhaps, we have to try some things we’ve never tried. We have to learn things we didn’t know before. Most importantly, we have to ACT. Sitting in a worn-out comfort zone will not produce the new one that you need.
We have to get up, dust ourselves off and look for a new comfort zone.
We may look in places we’ve never looked before. Sometimes, we have to get away from the friends we’ve always had. Perhaps they are uncomfortable, too. And, they want YOU to remain as uncomfortable as they are, for as long as they are uncomfortable. Perhaps they sit and wait for the new comfort zone to come, and whine when it won’t come by itself.
Sometimes, our friends talk only about the past. They see the past as the best days or years of their lives. They see a future of gloom and doom. When not sitting in their worn-out comfort zone, they stand, with hands on hips, looking in disgust at the future.
We, on the other hand, see the future as bright. In fact, we are going to make it bright by finding a new comfort zone. That old comfort zone is gone forever.
So where do we find our new comfort zone? Perhaps it is staring us in the face, and we don’t see it. In other words, we may be looking at what’s good in our lives, and not notice it. The first step is noticing the good.
The second step is looking for the great future of our dreams. That may not come to us overnight, and it may come in a form we are not expecting. To check out one such form, visit Few know about it yet, but those who do, see it as the best thing they’ve ever done.
As we look for our future comfort zone, we may make new friends. We may see good things come into our lives that we had never expected. What’s important is that we stood up, dusted ourselves off and acted.
Not all actions yield the results we want. So we try again. We keep moving and growing. We make our own new lives. Thoreau never envisioned times as we have seen recently. But he was spot on about man’s ability to get up, dust himself off and act.