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So how was your weekend?
Robert Lentz of Business Management Daily took on this greeting and phrased it in different ways.
“Good weekend?” says you don’t care about details. You are just being nice, Lentz wrote in an article published Aug. 7, 2016, in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
“Did you have a good weekend?” That conveys more courtesy, Lentz writes.
“Did you do anything interesting this weekend?” commits you to a conversation, writes Lentz.
“What did you do this weekend” demonstrates actual interest in someone’s life, according to Lentz.
We greet each other in different ways for different reasons. Sometimes, we really don’t want to know how someone is, or what they have done, but ask anyway, just to be nice.
Other times, we genuinely want to know how someone is doing, or what cool things they have done, and really want to talk to them.
It’s not just how one greets people. It’s how one responds to a greeting.
If someone asks how you are, do you respond positively and with enthusiasm?
If someone asks you what you did over the weekend, do you proceed to tell them in great detail, whether you think they want to know or not?
Greetings, and responses to them, don’t just have different meanings, they say a lot about people.
If things aren’t going well in your life, do you want to dump your problems onto others, or do you want others to think all is well with you?
It’s best to have an attitude of gratitude. It’s best not only to be positive and enthusiastic around others, but to actually feel that way.
Sometimes, when you are going through a rough patch, it takes work to remain positive. A rule of thumb here is to always think about the GOOD things in your life, to get you through those rough patches. It may be easier said than done, but it can be done.
If you ask someone how he or she is doing, or how his or her weekend was, take a genuine interest in what they say, and invite conversation. Sometimes, that one conversation could uplift you, especially if you have hit a rough patch.
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Happiness can take work, but it is well worth it. The next time someone asks how your weekend was, respond with enthusiasm and be curious about how that person’s was.
That may not only brighten your day, but it might enhance your life.