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Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s dog, had many alter egos.
He was, at times, the Easter Beagle, Joe Cool, World War I Flying Ace or Joe Grunge.
Being adaptable is just one of the leadership lessons in the book,”You’re A Leader, Charlie Brown,” which puts Charles Schulz’s words into lessons, with the help of Carla Curtsinger and Brian Tracy.
Other leadership qualities the book touts are perseverance, presence, communication, listening, inspiration, teamwork, loyalty, acceptance, and celebration.
All these attributes are important, and were displayed by the various characters in the Peanuts gang. Fans of the comic strip can undoubtedly match the trait with a character.
Adaptability is perhaps a key attribute in today’s world. Have you, or anyone you know, been hired for a specific job, and, sometime into the tenure, have seen that job change – perhaps multiple times?
Just when you get comfortable being pigeon-holed into a role, it changes. With companies, in today’s world, that undoubtedly happens often.
Sometimes, the result of rapid change means someone, perhaps you, loses a job.
When change comes, you have a choice. You can complain about what has happened to you, and long for the good old days (weren’t you just complaining about those days yesterday?). Or, you can adapt.
Adapting, mind you, is more than just living with what is. It is quickly buying in – even embracing – the new circumstance. Those that do can consider themselves leaders.
Those leaders find new ways to do things. They figure out not just how to make the best of – even thrive in – a situation different from what they were used to. They learn how to make themselves, and their company, successful.
Many of you are probably now, or have recently, undergone a change in your situation, be it professional or personal. How have you dealt with that? Does your adaptation make you proud of yourself? Did what you thought would be a bad outcome turn out well? Did you make it turn out well?
Adaptability is one thing that we all must learn, because, seemingly with each passing day, something is thrown at us that we didn’t expect. Consider residents of the Southeast U.S. and Texas, dealing with recent hurricanes, for the ultimate lessons in adaptability.
If you’ve gone through, or are going through, a situation that requires significant adjustment to your life or career, and are looking for a vehicle that could turn things to your favor, such vehicles are out there for those open to looking for them. To check out one of the best, message me.
You don’t have to have multiple personalities, or multiple identities, like Snoopy, to adapt to change.
But it is up to you to make the new situation the best it can be. It may not always be easy, and it may require different adjustments with each change, but you can’t expect others to make the adjustments for you.
With flexibility comes success. If your situation is good now, and you don’t believe it will ever change, presume that it will. You may not know when, or see the change coming, but today’s world demands change and flexibility.
We are all creative. When change comes, it will be up to us how we adjust, lest we be punished for not adjusting.