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We don’t just help you bounce back. We help you bounce forward.
That paraphrases a tagline in the recent Comcast Business TV ads.
The pandemic has devastated many people to the point that JUST bouncing back to where they were would seem like a dream come true.
JUST bouncing back could take years for some businesses and people.
Others, however, may see things differently.
They want to turn a catastrophe into a triumph.
They want to go from lockdown to looking up.
The pandemic, social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing are just necessary, temporary steps to something much greater on the other end.
The quarantine has not stopped the dream.
So which type of person are you? Perhaps you had a good life before all this. Getting it back the way it was would be just grand for you.
But if your life was not where you wanted it to be before the coronavirus, then now is the time to really ponder what’s next. Perhaps, for you, going back to life as it was will not be possible anyway. The job you had before may be gone, and not coming back. Bouncing BACK to that reality is not an option.
So now what? Do you throw in the towel and hope that someone, or something, will ultimately take care of you?
If you think that way, remember that mooching off friends and relatives can only last so long, though some young adults were finding it difficult to move out of their parents’ house even before the pandemic started.
Perhaps you DO want more from life. Perhaps what you were doing before was eating you alive, or not allowing you to eat properly.
For you, there is great news. There are many programs out there that allow you to earn money – perhaps a good bit more than you were earning when things were ”normal.” What is great about such programs is that it doesn’t matter what education, experience or background you have.
They require work, but they are not like going to a traditional, W-2 job. They give you control of your own destiny, something a traditional job may not do.
As a bonus, no matter how long the pandemic lasts, you can still work one of these programs from home., if you need to.
To learn about one of the best such programs, message me.
So, are you looking to bounce back, or bounce forward? Regardless, have a ball doing it, if you can.
If you are looking to bounce forward, perhaps you need to be open to looking at something you may have never thought you would do.
You need an open mind, you need to be teachable and you may need to get out of your comfort zone.
Remember, to bounce forward, you have to look forward. And, you CAN have a ball doing it.


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