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Much has been made about the loss of routine during the pandemic.
Many articles feature tips on how to get one’s routine back, once COVID-19 disappears.
Sure, we want our kids back in school. We want to be able to go to weddings and other gatherings. We may want to go to parties and other friendly assemblies.
But did we have a job we really want to go back to? Certainly, we want income back that may have been missing during the coronavirus spread, but is that job the best way for us to get it?
Routine is a word that has two edges. The first edge gives us a sense of normalcy. We get used to doing things in a certain way, in a certain order to give us a sense of contentment.
The second edge gives us a sense of doing the same thing over and over – year after year, day after day. No changes. We feel obligated to do things that way, perhaps because we were taught to do it a certain way.
That first edge – normalcy – may be something we all want.
The second edge –obligation – may be something we don’t want.
If we have to accept the second edge to gain the first, is that really OK?
What if your routine never fulfills your dreams? Sure, contentment may mean pleasant survival, but, as the Peggy Lee song says, “Is That All There Is?”
Maybe you’re a person who wants something more from life. Maybe, pleasant survival will not get you what you want. Maybe, there is something out there that will help you get everything you want.
Indeed, there are many programs out there that allow anyone, regardless of education, experience or background, to have the chance to get what he or she wants.
Such a person needs to be open-minded, willing to look at something he or she may never have thought they would do. And, if he or she sees those dreams stand in front of them and takes the plunge he or she then has to be coachable. Yes, there may be a routine they have to follow. But, the payoff will be so worth it.
If you are such a person, and are willing to check out one of the best such programs, message me.
Military, law enforcement and other professions not only thrive on, but require routine. These routines have been proved to get the desired results. You may have had – or still have – a job that requires routine. Such routines may be dreaded. Others may be comfortable, even fun. Others may be completely necessary.
The question you have to ask is whether the routine you are in, or seem to want to go back to, gives you the payoff you really want? Some will. Some won’t.
If your previous routine isn’t giving you the payoff you want, why would you want to go back to itr?
Certainly, employers shake up routines for no good reason. Job descriptions often change from what you were allegedly hired to do. They may have a reason for these shakeups, but you don’t see it. And, just as you get used to the new routine, it gets shaken up again.
It may be time to find a routine that not only works for you, but also gets you closer to your dreams. You may have been discouraged from dreaming as a child, because those dreams were deemed unattainable for you. Those same discouragers may have, at the same time, encouraged you to find the security of routine.
Since then, you may have learned that those routines disappear before you want them to, regardless of a pandemic.
In short, dream. And, know that those dreams can come true if you find the routine that pays off for you.

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