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Patricia Murphy loves commencement addresses, she says.
But, as she points out, giving life-changing advice to 1,000 people when they just want their diplomas or degrees is no easy task.
How many people do you know who may have fallen asleep during a commencement address?
Murphy, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Political Insider columnist, tackled the topic of how politicians use the commencement address in her May 23, 2021, column.
After a year of cancelled events, Murphy says, Georgia leaders had plenty of advice to give graduates.
U.S. Sen Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., told Savannah State University grads: “Have a mountain? Just climb it. A river? Just cross it. A dream? Just chase it. A vision? Just pursue it. An idea? Just do it. A bad habit? Just break it,” according to Murphy.
Warnock’s speech was just one example Murphy used to illustrate the speeches during this season.
Commencement speeches are supposed to inspire. Do you remember the great advice the speaker gave you and your classmates at your graduation ?
Mostly, graduates want their degrees. They want to get the formalities over with, so they can get comfortable and party. After all, it’s generally pretty warm on graduation day, and staying dressed up is a drag.
Then, if they don’t continue their education at the next level, they just want to go to work. They want to find work that pays decently and, if they get lucky, provides benefits.
Today, that promise is much more elusive than it was decades ago.
Most people who start at Job X likely won’t stay at Job X for their entire working life. Some will choose to change jobs. Others will have their jobs changed. Still others will lose their jobs through no fault of their own.
It’s been said that the only sure thing is change. That may be the best advice graduates get this season.
Some change is good. Some, not so good. One personally cannot stop change, particularly in the workplace, but one can figure out how best to deal with change.
If you graduate this year and take a job, you’d be wise to set up a Plan B, as you will inevitably face change in your workplace – in some cases, frequent change.
There are many programs out there that enable people to earn potentially lucrative income with just a few, part-time, off-work hours a week.
There are no education, experience or background requirements to take advantage of them. The main requirements are an open mind, the ability to be coached and the desire to take advantage of what you have your hands on.
To learn about one of the best such programs, message me.
Meanwhile, if you are graduating this year, congratulations. Perhaps you’ll get a nugget of wisdom from your commencement speaker. Regardless, don’t hesitate to dream. Don’t hesitate to go after what you want. And, beware the many changes you will see as you go after it. You’ll likely find the path to what you want will not be straight and/or free of obstacles.
Above all, stay optimistic. Learn to deal with adversity. Remain honest with yourself and others. Do what you want with the intention of helping not just yourself, but others along the way.

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