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Imagine a Ford F-series pickup towing a million pounds of cargo.
Now, imagine that the truck that tows a million pounds is an electric vehicle.
Rachel Maddow showed this demonstration on her MSNBC news show May 18, 2021.
The Ford F-series pickups are the best-selling vehicles on the planet.
Sales of those trucks generate more revenue for Ford than all revenue of a lot of major companies, Maddow pointed out.
Ford has created an all-electric model of its best-selling vehicle, and quietly demonstrated how it can pull rail cars, AND rail cars full of F-series pickups.
If they mass-produce those electric trucks, would they sell as well as their gas-powered ones?
If so, it could change the automotive game, big time.
With the recent gasoline shortage caused by the hack of the Colonial Pipeline computers, people began to look at electric vehicles.
Perhaps people thought electric vehicles could never be better, or have more power, than those powered by gasoline.
But the electric Ford F-series pickup IS better and more powerful, the demonstration showed. It also, at least initially, will be more expensive.
It was noticeable that Ford didn’t try to tow a million pounds with a regular pickup.
There are issues with electric vehicles – not the least of which is the lack of charging stations that can juice up a vehicle quickly during a long trip.
But the Ford demonstration showed the power and potential of electric pickups.
A big question will be: will those fans of pickups – and obviously there are many – like the electric ones as well as the gas-powered ones?
Will they be as useful, as fun to drive, etc.? The Ford demo shows they can be better than the regular trucks.
Perhaps those pickup fans will have to think outside the box a bit for the electric pickups to catch on. But, as Maddow’s piece demonstrated, the electric pickup is here and could be at your local dealership relatively soon.
A purpose in the Ford demonstration is to show the advantages of the electric vehicle. But it also shows what happens when a company thinks ahead and doesn’t rest on its very successful laurels.
People should do the same. If you are successful at what you are doing now, or not, you may want to think outside the box about how you earn money, since the way you earn it now could suddenly disappear.
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The electric pickup demonstration had a WOW factor to it. OF course, most people may never have need to tow a million pounds of cargo. But, it illustrates an example of how new things can indeed be better than the old.
It may not seem as much fun to ride off into the sunset in your electric truck. But, if you use your imagination, it really could be fun.

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