First, thanks so much for all the feedback and bookmarks. I really appreciate that you are finding the site and that you are enjoying what you are reading. Stay tuned each Sunday for a new post.
Someone asked whether you could use the information here in other blogs. Of course you can, if it is properly attributed. If you have other blogs and would like me to cross-post, feel free to cut and paste one of my posts, with a back link to or to, where the posts also appear.
You can also find tweets and Facebook posts that link back to Just click on the links on the home page to follow me or like me.
Also, someone asks who hosts this site. It is a Word Press site hosted by Some have found it easy to load, while others have found it difficult. To the latter group, I apologize, but I am not sure how to fix that.
Many thanks again to all who are enjoying the site. The pleasure is mine in supplying the posts. Keep reading and enjoying, and tell your friends about it.
Take care.

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