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Have you ever met someone who is envious of a successful person?

They are so lucky, that person thinks.

Then, they wish they had the same luck.

Not knowing anything about what the person had to do to become successful, they just presume the person was just lucky.

And they, of course, are unlucky for not achieving the same success.

Success, no matter how one defines it, is available to anyone.

The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is a combination of opportunity – not luck – and effort.

Opportunity is not something that comes by accident. Opportunity is sought. In other words, the luck comes to those who prepare for it by taking an opportunity that is presented to him or her.

Certainly, one has to know an opportunity when he or she sees it. The successful person will always look for an opportunity. The unsuccessful person will usually pass on an opportunity for various reasons including: too much work, too much to invest, they would never do such a thing, they would never consider such a thing etc.

These are excuses, for lack of a better term. If an opportunity is good enough, the successful person will overcome all of those hurdles mentioned above and find a way to get in.

Certainly, not every opportunity is for everyone. But if the desire for success is inside you, you will look at all opportunities until you find the right one for you.

In fact, someone you know, or perhaps someone you don’t know, may present something to you that you may have never considered before. If your desire for success is strong enough, you will check it out anyway.

Those who don’t look for opportunities have reached a stage of contentment with their lives. Whether they are indeed content may be debatable, but they don’t want to do what they would need to do to advance their lives further.

Still others are not content with their lives, but blame circumstances for their hardship. These folks “know their place” in life, and are envious of others who’ve achieved more. They blame others, or things, for their lack of achievement.

In short, everyone has the ability to be successful. Your education, experience or background may not matter, unless your idea of success involves a bunch of education and experience.

If you have the ambition, and are not the type to blame someone or something for your lack of achievement, there are opportunities out there for the taking.

You just have to be open-minded enough to look for them


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