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Most fabric softener TV ads have people gleefully sniffing their clothes.
When was the last time you did that? More to the point, do you buy a certain brand of fabric softener just so you can gleefully sniff your clothes?
Who’s creating these ads anyway? Not only are they not terribly entertaining, but they hardly persuade us to buy a certain brand of fabric softener.
Many employers are searching for certain motivators in the work place. Most see the motivational attempts as goofy.
What would really motivate a work force is to improve pay, working conditions and the overall lives of the staff.
Yet, goofy attempts at motivation are much cheaper. The employers figure that if even one employee buys in to the motivational trick, it might be worth it.
Look at it this way: at least goofy motivation attempts are more than most employees received in the past. Then, you did your hours, kept out of trouble and got a paycheck every week. That check was the sole motivator.
But employees want more these days. They want to feel their employers care about them. They want to believe their employers take a genuine interest in them. They want the employer to see them as people, not just tools.
In short, in most circumstances, if you want to be motivated, you have to find that motivation yourself. If you don’t find it where you work, you may have to look elsewhere.
Meanwhile, keep scratching your head at the folks who create goofy ads and goofy motivational exercises.
Look for what really motivates YOU. And, refrain from sniffing your clothes after they go through the wash.