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“Comfort zones aren’t meant to be permanent.”
So beings a TV ad for Regions Bank.
The message appears to be that the bank will be there for you through life’s ups and downs.
But let’s dig deeper into that sentence. We all look for, sometimes find and try to stay in our comfort zones.
Comfort zone equals contentment.
But if contentment is all one seeks, he or she is missing something.
Truly successful people not only leave comfort zones, they high-tail it out of them.
One doesn’t aim for success just to be content.
One aims for success to change the world, or, at least, his or her own world.
Real success is achieved when one goes beyond what’s comfortable to him or her, stretches his or her abilities and takes risks.
When one seeks only comfort, he or she probably is not dreaming, is not seeing himself or herself beyond, perhaps, what his or her parents and other elders suggested they seek in life.
Some people grew up being taught that dreaming is dangerous, and only for the, well, less stable folk.
Stability begot success in previous decades.
That stability, today, has all but vanished. When one is stable, he or she has a job that pays decently and, perhaps, provides benefits. His or her role is to behave well in the workplace, do his or her job well enough to please his or her boss and work until it was time to retire.
Such an existence is non-existent today. Very few people stay in the same job, with the same company, for decades. Some people stay with a company long-term, but their jobs change – often frequently.
What you are doing today probably won’t be what you’ll be doing tomorrow. Often, you won’t have any control over decisions made for you.
Wise leaders say one must prepare for success. It may start with preparing for the unexpected wherever you work. Most companies today have to change with the times and technology. If you do a certain job, and the job changes, will you change with it? If not, you could be gone.
Fortunately, there are programs available that allow people to prepare for the unexpected at work. They involve spending a few, part-time, off-work hours a week at endeavors that could put enough money in their pockets to allow them to roll with whatever rolls downhill at them.
These programs require no specific education, experience or background. They do require an open mind, a willingness to do something you perhaps never thought you would do. And, yes, they require you to get out of your comfort zone.
To learn about one of the best such programs, message me.
You may be comfortable sitting on your favorite couch or chair. But, as comfortable as that is, you don’t sit there forever. Success requires movement. Comfort, generally, requires sitting still. So the question becomes, are you satisfied just being comfortable, or do you dream of something much better? Whatever route you choose, it can be there for the taking.

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