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Sink or swim?
When we analyze most choices, we generally put the worse option last.
In this one, it’s always better to swim than to sink.
TD Ameritrade’s variation, “Think or Swim,” perhaps puts the better alternative ahead of the worse.
Fish or cut bait?
This, too, has the better alternative first. It’s always better to fish than to cut bait.
The point of this analysis is that life is full of choices. In some cases, there are no good choices and we have to pick the lesser of evils.
Sometimes, there are all good choices, and we choose the best.
The problem with us as humans is that we don’t always choose the best, or even the good, option.
We fear something might be too good to be true. Or, we see the good choice as more work than we want to do. Sometimes, we find the bad choices just more fun, even if we know we will pay for that choice later.
Sometimes, also, the choices we make in our youth can determine how we will live as adults. For example, spending on frivolous things, rather than saving, can exact a cost later in life, in terms of how you will survive.
Many don’t realize, or understand, that choices, not circumstances, are the driver of life. Each choice one makes, whether it’s choice of job, workplace, lifestyle etc., often creates one’s circumstances.
When a bad circumstance arises, how one chooses to respond to it will determine how, or whether, he or she overcomes it.
This begs the question: what choices have YOU made that have enhanced your life? What choices do you now regret? And, if you are hit by circumstances, how will you choose to respond?
If your financial situation is not where you want it to be, for example, instead of waiting for someone to help you, you COULD choose to help yourself.
Sometimes, you have to look for better choices. Other times, when better choices are presented to you, you take a look at them.
If you are looking for better choices, there are many programs out there that can give you some financial options by spending a few, part-time, off work hours a week. But, you have to be open enough to look for them, and at them.
To check out one of the best such programs, message me.
A good exercise might be to list some of the choices you’ve made in life, and how they have affected you. We’ve all made good choices and bad choices. If good choices outnumber bad ones, great.
If not, it’s probably not too late to rethink, and re-choose.
You may be surprised at the available options from which to choose.

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