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Nike’s trademarked tag is “Just Do It!”
It can be interpreted two different ways.
If you have tasks that are unpleasant, but necessary, like, say, cleaning your house, putting it off won’t make the job go away. Just do it.
The sooner you start, the sooner you finish. The finish is the reward.
The second interpretation is probably more what Nike’s marketing folks had in mind.
It involves just doing something that will bring you success.
These success tasks may involve some uncomfortable things. An example might be a firefighter having to go into a burning building to save people.
In that case, there is no hesitation. No procrastination. He just does it, without regard for his own safety.
But you don’t have to be a firefighter, or any other professional who routinely confronts danger, to perform success tasks.
Nike undoubtedly was referring to athletes when it came up with its tag.
But there are other tasks you, or anyone, could perform that will bring you success. Indeed, some of those tasks could make you uncomfortable, at least at first. But they will not risk your life.
If what you are doing now is not giving you what you want from life, you may be looking for something that will.
If you are, there are several concepts and programs out there that can bring you the success you are looking for. All you have to do is be open to looking at them. If you like what you see, then just do it.
You may find the tasks involved are not what you are used to doing. Perhaps you never saw yourself doing this. But these tasks are not life-risking, but they can be life-changing.
To check out one of the best such vehicles, message me.
Anyone can find success if he or she is willing to look. There’s no need for special skills, training or a “big idea.” You just have to be coachable, and willing to perform the necessary tasks honestly.
The tasks may be simple. They may not necessarily be easy for you. But they will get easier the more you just do them.
Much of life involves tasks we hate. Many jobs can be difficult, boring or otherwise unpleasant. And all that unpleasantness may not reward you to the extent that it should.
If that speaks to you, explore your options. That may involve doing something totally different. It may involve checking out something you’d never dreamed would come into your life.
The first step to finding it is being open to looking. After all, when life presents you with lemons, lemonade may not be the answer. You may have to look for something sweeter.
You can settle for what is, or dream of what could be.
If you dream of what could be, you need a way to get you there.
You have to find that way, and when you find it, just do it.

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