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Imagine Tom Brady as a middle linebacker.
In the debate over the proposed federal infrastructure plan, a working person chimed in that there was little in the infrastructure plan that would help him or her, and the job he or she does.
He, or she, said something like: You can’t say Tom Brady, a Super Bowl- winning quarterback, can now be a middle linebacker because he’s a football player.
To translate, the infrastructure plan is attempting to look at industry in the future. That may mean that jobs some folks are doing now are going to change. Those who don’t change with them may be left behind.
No one wants to see anyone left behind, but technology is changing industry rapidly. Instead of making cars with internal combustion engines, automakers are, and must, move toward electric vehicles and other alternative-fuel transportation. So, the person who has been an engine maker, for example, may have to switch gears.
Certainly, it likely won’t be easy to do that, but there isn’t much choice. It’s not as if the government wants to intentionally leave people behind, but trying to protect outdated industry will leave the country at the mercy of other countries who have more robustly embraced the change.
Retraining workers for new industry certainly has its pitfalls. Once a person is retrained, there’s always the danger, even likelihood, that new technology could make his or her retraining obsolete quickly.
And, there is the issue of how, say, new vehicles are going to be recharged. Electric charging stations are still rare in this country, and an abundance of electric vehicles on the road, with stations that can charge a vehicle fairly quickly, will put a big demand on the country’s power supply. So that would be another problem to be addressed.
In short, existing infrastructure is crumbling. Much of it needs repair and/or replacement. Internet access needs to be expanded to areas where connectivity is difficult.
But, technology IS changing how we do many things. We have to be ready for these changes so that jobs can be tailored to them.
The infrastructure plan is likely to create more jobs than it eliminates. It would be up to individuals to roll with something new.
If you are the type who is looking for something different, perhaps because what you’re doing now is expected to go away before you want it to, there are many programs that allow a person with any education, background or experience to create an income stream that could, potentially and eventually, dwarf whatever income he or she may earn at his or her job.
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Obviously, football will need quarterbacks and linebackers. A player who is good at one position may not be good at another.
Tom Brady will always be a quarterback, as long as he plays. He will never become a linebacker.
But as the economy shifts, workers, as well as companies, have to become more nimble and flexible to reflect rapid change.
Your parents’ generation likely never saw change that moved at this pace. We all have to accept reality and move with it.
Tom Brady doesn’t need to, but, perhaps, you do.

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