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Goldfish wait to be fed.
Sharks search for, and find, food.
Author and motivational expert Jon Gordon uses his fable, “The Shark and the Goldfish,” to teach that one cannot control circumstances. But he or she can control how he or she responds to them.
So, are you a shark or a goldfish?
One can ponder that for quite some time. So you may want to have the aggressiveness of the shark, but sharks eat other creatures. Maybe you don’t want to do that.
Maybe you like the idea of the goldfish swimming around in a bowl, getting fed regularly. But, how boring is that? Besides, do you really want to be that dependent on someone else?
Gordon’s book, according to the online teaser for it, points out that many businesses are built during recessions.
Recent reports about the loss of manufacturing jobs during the coronavirus pandemic also talk about some manufacturers retooling to make personal protective equipment, masks and other disease-fighting gear that once again are in short supply.
The pandemic is also making decisions difficult for some businesses, schools etc. Do they open? Can they stay open? Can they reasonably protect customers (students) and staff?
It boils down, in large part, to money vs. lives – or, lives vs. livelihoods.
Those determined to succeed will find ways to protect both. Others will wait to see what happens. Still, others, out of fear or depletion of resources, will give up entirely.
If you are among the latter group, and, say, have to close your business or lose your job permanently, what will you do next?
Will you expect someone, or something, to take care of you? Will you wait to be fed, like Gordon’s goldfish, or will you look for food, like his shark?
The good news here – and there is almost always good news in any situation , if you look for it – is that there are many ways out there to earn a potentially great income, without having a traditional “job,” or owning a business that could one day own you – or, that you have to shut down.
You don’t need specific, or advanced, education, experience or background.. However, you need a willingness to look at something that may never have crossed your mind to do. And, if you see what others have seen, you need to diligently work at it, with whatever time you might have. Plus, you can do it safely from your home, in times of spreading disease.
To learn about one of the best such programs, message me.
If there is gold in those hills, being a goldfish won’t cut it. Someone isn’t going to bring it to you.
Certainly, sharks are creatures you don’t want to run across, but adopting their desirable characteristics will serve you well, regardless of uncertainty in the world.
Run, walk or swim for what you want. Just go after it. Don’t wait for it to come to you. Be open, be persistent. Don’t be passive and lament over what has happened. Be active, look for the good and claim it for you and others.

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