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Who would have thought that South Texas, and other parts of the Deep South, would see devastating snow and bitter cold.
But it did this past week. Experts say a polar vortex over the Arctic was hit by a wave, and landed over the southern U.S.
And, these areas don’t have the equipment to deal with snow and cold. Mostly, it’s just wait for the melt and hope it comes soon.
Climate change has been called global warming, because Earth has been steadily warming for many years.
But that does not mean that every place is getting “warmer.”
It means that weather patterns are changing, with storms and other devastating atmospheric incidents becoming more frequent and more severe.
Consider it as changing a chemical mixture over time in the atmosphere, and making it more volatile.
Yes, the earth is warming, but it’s causing all kinds of problems – not necessarily universally higher temperatures.
Many have called global warming a hoax. But if you live in a place that has gotten snowy, frigid weather when it NEVER sees that kind of weather, you may want to rethink that position.
Perhaps these areas will not rush out to buy snow management equipment, but they should consider mitigating all eventualities. It had happened before, though not often. Don’t bet that such weather won’t happen again.
Interestingly, we are tackling the problem, perhaps without even knowing it.
As we discussed last week, cleaner forms of energy are competing well in the marketplace with fossil –fueled energy. A global pandemic prompted many people not to travel much, cleaning up the air a bit. We may not be able to completely stop Earth from warming, but we can slow it down.
All these events will hit home eventually to a lot of folks – not just the folks who live where snow and cold unexpectedly hit. Other meteorological phenomenon will strike other places, whether predictably or unexpectedly.
This will make many of us rethink how we live – and/or how we make a living. Most employment situations, given the climate or the pandemic, will change at some time. It’s up to each of us to be ready for change when it comes.
Fortunately, there are many programs out there that allow a person who is willing to look at something different to potentially change his or her financial situation for the better, regardless of what he or she is doing now, and regardless of how the climate or global health changes.
To check out one of the best such programs, message me.
Meanwhile, pray that those affected by the recent, unexpected weather recover nicely. Also, let’s hope we can get as many people vaccinated against the coronavirus as possible – and quickly.
Some little things we all can do can mitigate these global changes. Wear a mask. Wash hands frequently. Avoid large crowds until the majority of people are vaccinated. Conserve energy, and look at cleaner ways to heat one’s home, drive a car etc.
The world is changing. It will change whether everyone is on board with it or not. We can’t necessarily solve every problem, but we can do our part to minimize many problems.
Do your part. Try to help others who need you. At the same time, prepare for the future, whether you know what’s coming or not.

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