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Stores are closing by the droves.
The people losing their jobs predominantly are women.
A report in USA Today’s Dec. 18, 2019, edition says many of the retail jobs that remain are going to men.
We can’t do anything about the shrinking retail business.
More people are opting to shop online, rather than go to physical stores.
Certainly, physical stores have value. Though many shopping Web sites allow customers to buy first, try it on and send it back, many shoppers enjoy trying things on in stores.
If you need to buy a mattress, you generally like to lie on different ones to see which one makes you most comfortable.
Stores also help the undecided shopper. You may know you need a new jacket, for example, but which one should you buy?
Web sites certainly encourage browsing, but you can’t touch what’s online. You need a store for that.
So, if you’ve been working in retail for years, and are now watching your job(s) slowly — or, in some cases, quickly — disappear, what should you do?
There are many vehicles out there that allow you to generate a new stream of income without getting a new “job.”
If you’ve been working in retail, you may have to change your outlook on what you can do.
Actually, you can work at these programs regardless of your age, education, background or experience.
If you are looking for something different that may change your life for the better, and want to check out one of the best of these vehicles, message me
Retail jobs aren’t the only ones disappearing. Almost every sector of the economy is changing because of technology.
You can’t stop that change, but you can change to help create a whole new life for yourself.
You just need to be open to looking at something you may have never thought of doing.
Change will happen. You have to decide how change will affect you, and how you will change so you can prosper as change occurs.

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